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by Deborah Lytton

What happens when everything you've dreamed of is shattered in a single moment?

Stella was born to sing but when a tragic accident renders her deaf she faces a world of silence. Hayden is a boy with blond curls who stutters. As an outcast, he reaches out to help Stella discover the world without sound. But, can a boy who stutters and the girl who is deaf find happily-ever-after?

Available March 3, 2015  


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Jane In Bloom
by Deborah Lytton

Jane's big sister, Lizzie, has always been the center of attention. No one ever pays attention to boring, plain Jane. But when Jane's twelfth birthday marks the beginning of Lizzie's final descent into a fatal eating disorder, Jane discovers that the only thing harder than living in her big sister's shadow is living without her.

In the wake of tragedy, Jane learns to look through her camera lens and frame life differently, embracing her broken family and understanding that every girl has her season to blossom. Spare and vulnerable prose marks this beautiful debut that is at once heartbreaking and uplifting.

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